Cloud Based Telecom

ITSSI has partnered with Vocalocity, a Vonage company, to offer some of the best and most affordable VOIP and Cloud-based PBX solutions for small businesses. We offer a comprehensive suite of telecommunication products and services that can ensure business continuity, and flexibility and scalablity to the needs and requirements of your business while helping lower the cost of ownership for overall telecommunication. It’s easy to setup or switch over, and businesses are not bound to any contracts. We offer simple month-to-month plans that fit any budget along with ITSSI’s standard 24/7/365 support, should any issues arise. For more information or to get a quote, contact us here.

Never deal with Legacy Telecoms again! Save 30% or more with "all-inclusive" monthly pricing from a single provider.

Never pay for long distance charges. No more expensive PBX upgrades.

Throw away your PBX and the Telecom attached to it, and continue keeping your call groups, voicemail tree, call conferencing, .... and all other features your expensive PBX was capable of doing, plus more.

Carry your phone extension with you in your mobile app to anywhere in the world.

Receive your voicemail and Faxes in your Mailbox.

Dial your colleagues on their 3-digit extension regardless of where they or you are in the world.

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Latest News